(うずまきナルト, Uzumaki NarutoEdit

Naruto is the title of this series and also the name of the protagonist of: Naruto

Naruto is a student who has a wild sense of humor and loves to make trouble but as time goes by Naruto finnaly graduates as a gennin and joins team seven who's leader is Kakashi Hattake. He finnaly makes some friends but, when his closest friend, Sasuke leaves in order to take revenge on his brother naruto faces loneliness again but this makes him a better shinobi as he meets his  god father Jiriya of Konoha. As a group Jiriya, Naruto and Sakura go on missions in a quest to help find sasuke.                                                                                                                                           

Uzumaki Naruto
Some attributes
First Male
Second Birth date: October 10
Third Age: Part I: 12-13

Age: Part II: 15-16

Other attributes
Fourth Hight: Part I: 145.3 cm-147.5 cm

Hight: Part II: 166 cm

Fifth Classification: Sage, Gennin, Jinchūriki


Naruto was parentless from birth. His parents were the fourth hokage(Minato) and Uzumuki Kushinina, they both died prior to his birth protecting him from the Nine Tails(Kyuubi) and also sealing it inside Naruto, after a masked man attacked Kushina in order to obtain Nine Tails. This is what the 3rd Hokage feared. The masked man knew that the only time a Jinchuriki seal broke was childbirth. Knowing this the masked man seperated Minato from Kushina just after Naruto's birth and teleported to a distant place to extract the Nine Tails from her, to use for the destruction of Konoha.    

After kushina's and Minato's death, speaking of Naruto's birth was made forbiden. Despite Minato's request for every one to see Naruto as a hero who helped save Konoha from Nine Tails, only the 3rd Hokage and a few others accepted  this. Everyone else saw him as a misfit who contained the Deamon Fox that destroyed their hom, others even thought of him as the Fox itself, because of this Naruto was isolated and was not accepted as a normal human. Naruto was a student at the ninja academy, he was taught by Ilurka like his future cell mates Sakura and Sasuke whom he hated. Soon it came for the time where Naruto had to graduate to a Gennin level ninja, but unlike his rival Sasuke who had passed like every one else he had failed the graduation due to him not being able to produce a decent clone. 


Naruto uses Nine Tails and wind release based justu here is a list of his ninjutsu: Kage Bunshin Justu (shadow clone justu) Rasengan (spiraling orb) Taju Kage Bunshin justu (multiple shadow clone justsu)